Friday, September 10, 2010

Naresh Kadyan may be nominated its Chairman of cow commission

House Passes Bill on Cow Protection in Haryana - Naresh Kadyan
House Passes Bill on Cow Protection in Haryana - Naresh Kadyan

The Haryana Gau Seva Aayog Bill, 2010, was passed by the Haryana assembly here Tuesday, on the concluding day of its monsoon session. The bill was moved by Animal Husbandry Minister Paramvir Singh.

A state government spokesman said a cow commission is being set up for the preservation, welfare and development of cow species in the state on modern and scientific lines, besides managing the use of bio-products generated by the cattle.

It will also help in maximisng the use of organic manure in agriculture. The commission will have 12 non-official members, including its chairperson and vice-person. The chairperson will be nominated by the government, and he non-official members will be chosen from among people engaged in cow welfare.

The commission will work for proper implementation of laws for prohibition of slaughter and cruelty to cows and suggest improvement in existing laws for making them more effective.

It will also supervise work of the institutions for scientific use of cow dung and urine to enhance their utility in agriculture, including soil fertility, bio-energy, bio-gas, bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticide and domestic use, the spokesman added. The commission will take into custody the abandoned, stray, confiscated or seized cows from local organisations to maintain them.

Naresh Kadyan
Chairman, People for Animals Haryana
नरेश कादयान, अध्यक्ष,पीपल्स फॉर एनिमल हरियाणा,
अंतरराष्ट्रीय पशु रक्षा संगठन के भारतीय प्रतिनिधि
Representative of the International Organization for Animal Protection in India,
+91-9813010595 , 9313312099

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